Living Nutrition

Experience for yourself “Better Living Through Nutrition”. At my San Francisco nutrition counseling practice, the emphasis is on a varied, colorful palate of whole, seasonal, organic, delicious foods per your personal taste, that can be readily incorporated into your lifestyle and with eye towards practicality. Success comes when diet is a lifestyle.

The process:
With each client I begin by doing in depth information gathering to learn all I can that is relevant to that person’s health challenges and goals. Developing practical methods for incorporating changes into your daily ‘diet lifestyle’ is an important aspect of my counseling process and is essential for long-term success. My food programs and recommendations are individually tailored to match the specific needs and the personal tastes of each client.

Restoring balance from dysfunction is key to regaining health and vitality. One of my fundamental steps is to identify and address any underlying factors at play. Towards this end, functional laboratory assessments are effective tools in helping to determine various areas of potential imbalances or insufficiencies and may be elected when appropriate. Comprehensive blood testing can also be used to provide an objective window into nutritional patterns and physiological imbalances. Body composition testing (Biodyn Bioimpedance analysis) “in office” to measure lean to fat mass and other metabolic markers is also available and provides an excellent tool for monitoring progress in weight reduction goals or general health improvements.