Will this sound like hyperbole? It will! Cathy Cohn saved my life. Its true. After years of the usual sub-par ho hum doctors, I went to Cathy. She ordered tests which my (FORMER) MD would not consider because he thought they were not needed. Well . . .turns out that doing very advanced blood work reveals many secrets. I’ll spare you the details of my boring health, but let’s just say that Cathy’s detective work unearthed some serious stuff. She hooked me up with supplements and the right (however boring) diet and trust me – she saved me from goodness knows what destiny, it would not have been good. Yeah, there are moments when I hate her! Like who really wants to be gluten free and forever off sugar? Not many of us. But this will save your hide, trust me. So when on Friday eve and I want a pizza and can’t/won’t, I curse Cathy but curtsy to her wisdom. The rest of the time I’m ok with it all, I know she’s right and I am totally ok with it. Cathy is stinking smart, she’s totally devoted to her clients. LOVE HER. ~ GC, San Francisco

Working with Cathy is the best decision I could have ever made for my health. Learning to eat properly has tremendously improved my energy levels, digestion and overall physical and mental well-being. Not only is Cathy a treasure-trove of nutritional knowledge, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I hold her in the highest regards and would recommend her to anyone. ~ A.S. Oakland, Ca

Thanks to my work with Cathy Cohn, my long term digestion issues are improved and healing…due to her knowledge, diligence, and concern.I have been recommending her to my clients and appreciate her professional care. ~ Kay B. Heatherly, Ph.D., CHT, Personalized Guidance for Positive Change, San Francisco

In a few hours Cathy helped me to feed my family in far healthier ways. She analyzed my food intake questionnaire and came to my house and went through our refrigerator and cupboards. We discussed a lot of the things in our kitchen. She helped me to understand what habits of mine were good, which could be improved upon, and which should pretty much go. Then we went to the grocery store together and she helped me to set up a shopping routine for eating deliciously and healthily. She also gave me some great recipes that we are still using 4 years later. On subsequent visits we went further into depth on some specific health concerns and how to address those, especially in the areas of pregnancy and nursing. She was gentle and holistic in her approach and she made me feel good and have fun while going through her process. I can’t recommend her enough. ~ Sarah Madeline Stuckey Coates, San Francisco


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Without a shred of exaggeration or hyperbole, I’m here to report that Cathy Cohn, literally, transformed my life. Initially I sought her help for a digestive disorder which had inexplicably developed, and worsened, over the prior few months. She had me take an extensive GI profile test, discovered the culprit, addressed the issue, and one week later: problem resolved. That was small potatoes though. The real gift, the life-changing one, was that because of her genuine concern, her expertise, her incredible breadth of knowledge, I was able to trust her enough to open up about the real issue going on under the surface…a 30-year history of anorexia and bulimia. Not only was Cathy willing to work around all my self-imposed limitations and concerns, she made certain that she understood exactly what we were dealing with, both nutritionally and emotionally, before making one single suggestion or change. Ordered the appropriate blood tests, conducted an in-depth metabolic scan, and carefully compiled a more thorough (and understandable) report of her findings than I have ever received. She then patiently (and with great humor) invested a generous amount of her time and attention helping me to create a personalized, flexible, and, most importantly, realistic, meal plan that didn’t make me want to run for the hills. Within three short of days of taking the recommended supplements and following her simple directions, I felt like a new person. For real. And at this writing, barely two months later, I can honestly say that it just keeps getting better. I have more energy than I know what to do with. The cravings and obsession with food have all but disappeared. I’m more balanced, clear-headed and, just plain happier than I’ve ever been. I actually walk through the world now feeling nourished and refreshed, something I haven’t experienced for as far back as I can remember. Now that’s what I call “better living through nutrition.” Thank you Cathy. You are truly a gift from God. ~ L.E., San Francisco

Cathy Cohn is truly dedicated to helping her clients be their healthiest. Her knowledge is impressive, but even more importantly, she knows how to help her clients apply it to their daily lives. I am working with Cathy on weight loss nutrition, but she does far more than suggest nutritional menus to me; she’s helping me understand how to incorporate healthy eating into my life, and when a strategy doesn’t seem to work, she helps me modify it until we find one that does work. As we all know, eating healthfully (and consistently) is far easier said than done. Cathy is helping me to change deeply ingrained habits in a way that I believe will last a lifetime. Her careful analysis, ability to problem-solve, and her passion is what sets her apart from other professionals in her field. I can’t say enough good things about Cathy Cohn! ~ L. Johnson, San Francisco

I love working with Cathy Cohn as she is so knowledgeable about nutrition. Cathy has the ability to explain nutrition and food consumption in a simple way that is easy to follow. After working together for a while I have lost a lot of weight. Most of all I feel great and have lots of energy. My clothes fit better too. I continue to consult with Cathy to make sure I am doing well and every time I do, I learn something new. She is fantastic! ~ Rafael Galiano, San Francisco

I want to say that I was impressed with the energy you put into your work that is a reflection of your good health and a sharp mind. I also want to commend you on your eagerness on helping me in implementing a healthier food program for my needs and the items that I should be avoiding in my diet, a big plus. When it came to supplements I thought I had it all figured out after my own health research which has been going a good thirty years plus. I have to say though you did teach me a few more things that will be very help full to my health, never too old to learn something new. I never though that I would ever need to go to a certified nutrition consultant but I am glad I did. Not only have I found a great nutrition consultant I found a good friend. P.S. Through these financial hard times which a lot of us are going through right now we can’t forget our health because that is at least something we can still have control over.~ Fred Fertado, Antioch, Ca

When I became pregnant, I wanted to make sure I was as healthy as possible to ensure a successful pregnancy and happy, healthy baby. I went to see Cathy Cohn to get some advice on my best nutritional options during the pregnancy. There is so much out there on what’s good, bad, and questionable that I wanted to get the facts from an expert. And Cathy is indeed an expert in her field! After asking me to complete a questionnaire, she was able to give me a thorough summary of what I could/should be eating based on my current situation. It was amazing – she knows everything about nutrition – what vitamins are in what foods, what extra vitamins I need, what food options to choose from, given my cravings and constant nausea. Her recommendations were really helpful and I used them throughout the pregnancy and afterwards…and now I have a beautiful, healthy baby girl! I would recommend Cathy to anyone interested in realizing or maintaining a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. ~ SM, San Francisco

The first day of 2008 found me in a dentist’s chair with an emergency root canal. As I thought about how this could have happened, I realized that I had been neglecting my basic human needs for years, and right then and there made a commitment to take better care of myself. I met with Cathy a few weeks later and was highly impressed with her depth of knowledge of bodily systems, nutritional supplements and the effect of foods upon our bodies. Her assessment provided a detailed program to meet my unique needs. Since meeting with Cathy, I have lost 14 pounds, am exercising regularly, have dropped one dress size, and am feeling more energy than I have in years! Thank you, Cathy! ~ Ana Fatima Costa, Antioch, CA

As a result of my first consultation with Cathy; I gave up coffee and lost five pounds! She made it very clear to me, why it would work and she was right! I find that when consulting with somebody so knowledgeable and who has the ability to explain the concepts so clearly, it becomes much easier to make the adjustments that are needed. I highly recommend her services to anybody looking to improve their life through nutrition. ~ Mark, San Francisco

Hiring Cathy Cohn was one of the best decisions I ever made for my health. She is a nutritionist who is knowledgeable about foods and their nutrients and more importantly passionate about getting you to make healthy choices in your diet. I am a busy professional and mother of a toddler and Cathy has provided me with numerous alternatives to my everyday eating that benefits my entire family….without having to change everything about the way we eat. I hired her with my objective being to improve my fertility and encourage weight management and I believe I will reap much greater benefits with respect to my overall health. Every time I leave her office, I am optimistic about my goals and have tangible objectives to work on”. ~ Heather R. Stoneman, San Francisco.

The Best! Cathy has an incredible amount of knowledge about nutrition and supplements and how to apply them to any particular health issue you may have. She stays on top of the latest research, and knows more on the subject than most regular, even holistically trained, medical doctors. Not only does she give you very detailed questionnaires beforehand about your health history and family health history, and other pertinent data about your issues and current diet, but she spends a great deal of time with you when you go in for a consultation. This allows her to draw up a very specific therapeutic plan, focusing on the most effective way to heal your condition, unlike some who may just suggest certain foods or supplements based on the statistical norm. Cathy tailors her approach based on your precise needs, taking genetic disposition into account and your current lifestyle and diet. She goes into great detail explaining why she thinks a particular plan is the best approach for your particular case. For instance, I had been told to avoid wheat by a doctor, but because it just seemed like a general advice and the complete reasons were not explained fully, I was haphazard about following a wheat-free diet. When Cathy explained all the repercussions of gluten in my diet and the effect it may have on my body, I was much more convinced to keep away from any gluten-containing grains and also to carefully inspect food labels in the supermarket. As a layperson that is quite interested in this subject and has a reasonable but somewhat haphazard knowledge of nutrition and vitamins and certainly not the skill to apply it in a treatment plan scenario, I was fascinated by Cathy’s detailed descriptions and explanations of how various factors interact to affect your health and cause certain ailments. As I had no clue how to prepare many healthy dishes a home, tending to just make bland dishes every time, involving steamed vegetables and some kind of meat, Cathy provided a whole list of nutritious and tasty recipes, so that boredom would not cause me to fall off the wagon. The importance of organic food was also stressed and which foods were reasonably ok if not organic. I cannot recommend Cathy highly enough. She is the most knowledgeable and caring nutritionist I have yet worked with and she follows up after consultations to check on your progress. ~ PL, San Francisco

Cathy, Thank you. The summary was excellent. This is exactly what I was looking for and I love the level of detail that you have. I like the idea of having action steps; I’m very impressed and will recommend you to all of my friends. ~ Ben Tauber, San Francisco

Cathy is an expert in the nutrition field. I asked her for insight on which foods would enhance my energy level, in light of my active lifestyle and demanding work schedule. She assessed my daily food intake and then gave me many useful suggestions. I particularly enjoyed going grocery shopping with her at the stores I frequent. I understand what I’m eating these days. ~ J.H. San Francisco

…She (the doctor) wouldn’t have been able to say all this without the lab work we did. I’m so pleased she’s basically on the same page as you–and her opinions are in line with what I’ve been thinking. Finding out about the gluten sensitivity and the whipworm are major. I’ve gone to person after person looking for answers, but until I started working with you, no real light has been shed on my situation. Thank you so much for all the time and energy you’ve given me. ~ D. Bellamy, San Francisco

I want to commend Cathy Cohn. I knew my diet was poor but was not only reluctant to make changes, was near fearful of what she was going to tell me. However, Cathy is so understanding that she made it comfortable and indeed, pleasurable. She is the opposite of overbearing- she is patient and “gentle”. She helped me with small steps and is sincerely concerned about my overall health and will being without being patronizing. I highly recommend Cathy due to the aforementioned and her expertise. She is truly a knowledgeable professional. ~ Michael Hack, D.M.D. San Francisco

You are a tremendous source of inspiration and a wealth of information. Thank you so much for your support and validation I welcome your assistance along this path of exploration.~ P.O., San Francisco

I originally thought that I was too busy to make any significant changes to my eating habits. Cathy reviewed my diet and then outlined several major and many minor adjustments that would be beneficial. She convinced me to remove several unhealthy products, including “mocha milk” and substitute instead with organic soy milk; to cook with coconut oil instead of those that become damaged at higher temperatures. Cathy is full of useful recommendations and has given me an appreciation of organic foods. Cathy brings to the nutritional table much enthusiasm, devotion, and a practical grasp of her field. She not only talks a nutritional line, but has lived the vegetarian walk for over thirty years and ten of them as a vegan. Quite impressive! Her nutritional practice not only embodies her vocation, but allows her, as an educator/counselor to communicate concepts that she is passionate about. She is a true gem in the nutritional field. ~ M. Ceballos, San Francisco

Cathy is so passionate about her work, I really was inspired when I met with her and got so many great ideas and insight about nutrition. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with her and highly recommend Cathy, she really knows her work. ~ Kate W. San Francisco

My experience in working with Cathy has been extremely positive and very helpful. She is very knowledgeable in her field of nutrition. If she does not know what to advise, she finds out quickly and follows through. She also has excellent ‘detective’ skills for getting to the root cause of unique conditions/problems. ~ S.E. San Francisco