The dews and don’t of your diet.

Honoring the weblike connection of all of our body processes is the key to health. Restablish health by looking at the bigger picture.

The Do’s

  • Whole foods, organic (or equivalent) in sourcing, local & seasonal as the foundation
  • Embrace plant foods for providing the tools your body needs to maintain the machine
  • Oil ‘the works’ with healing fats
  • Hydrate with clean, filtered water, your first nutrient.
  • Sleep: your time of healing and housekeeping.
  • Make daily physical activity or exercise a list topper.
  • Take the steps to make a healthy diet your lifestyle

The Don’t

  • Side with the Standard American Diet (SAD)
  • ‘Sweat it’ unless you are exercising! Stress may the greatest spoiler to your health
  • Rob your health with nutrient bandits
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