The art of the artichoke.

Artichoke is an (incr-)edible member of the thistle family long revered for its liver-friendly properties bestowed in large part by its concentration of its active agent, Silymarin. It is the Silymarin that makes the herb, milk thistle our most potent liver protectant. Artichokes are also rich in fiber, calcium, iron and potassium. Other liver favoring super foods include: dandelion greens and beets all of which are cell protective and/or regenerative. While the liver is the biggest, baddest multitasker in the body, perhaps its most vital role is in transforming toxins for elimination. Of course, one of the best strategies for supporting the liver is to reduce the burden we place on it by way of diet and lifestyle factors but also particularly the toxic exposures we face daily from both environmental sources and even those generated within our own bodies.

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